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8 Fun Sex Ideas to Make Sex Hotter

1) Make your partner feel special

Sex is so much more than just physical. Sex begins the second you meet your partner! its the way you say hello, the way you look into his/her eyes, your body language. Guys begin by listening to your ladies. Ladies build your man up. They like to hear that they really are a superhero. Make him feel that way.

2) Set the mood

Candlelight dinner, a hot bath together, dim the lights, light a scented candle, and give each other a massage with some Kamasutra oils.

3) A pillow can be your friend

​Throw a pillow or the Wedge into the mix. No, don't have sex with the pillow, that's weird. But a pillow can modify most positions by slightly altering the angle of penetration, and that can make a huge difference.

4) Foreplay is a must

​Don't have time? Too Busy? Have sex on a deadline. Give yourself 20 minutes, or if you're daring, an hour where you can have sex. Force yourselves to have foreplay until the timer goes off.

5) Be adventurous

​Try new positions. Reverse cowgirl, doggy, side, standing up, 69, legs hanging off the bed. The idea is to improvise, move around, and trust us you will love it. Also, try a mirror. Visuals are a strong mood enhancer.

6) Wear your socks

​Research shows that keeping your socks on during sex can help regulate your body temperature, which in turn makes you more comfortable and it makes it easier to orgasm. Keep a pair of socks around just for sex.

7) Use a tie or restraints

​Modify a position by tying your hands behind your back, above your head, or to the bed. Or use it as a blindfold. Limiting mobility or covering your eyes and giving control to your partner can make an old position feel totally new. It's like the espresso shot of sex modifiers.

8) Take it outside

​The shower, the couch, the kitchen table, the floor. A change of scenery makes for a surprising rush (like when you get to work from home for a day — it's like, "WTF Where am I?"). Plus, having sex over the side of an armrest might feel a lot better than doing it over the side of your much shorter bed. ​


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