Welcome to Palm Beach Book and Video, we are one of the largest Adult Book Stores in Palm Beach county with a huge selection of Adult Toys (Dildos, Vibrators, Vibrating Bullets, Strapons, Glass Dildos, Penis Pumps, Dolls, Anal Toys, BDSM Paddles & Restraints), DVD's, Lotions, Leather & Lingerie. We have proudly been serving SFL since 1970's!

      Our Adult Theater plays 2-4 Hour HOT XXX ACTION Movies on continuous play, plus we have Mini Booths, and Private Viewing Rooms.  The Theater and Booths offer a surreal fantasy experience that promises to keep you coming back for more. Great place to bring your adventurous lover, friend, or meet someone new!

When it comes to sex toys quality matters. Take it from me, who once bought the absolute cheapest vibrator possible only to have it nearly explode while I was using it. Not, as you might guess, something I want to happen to you. Or anyone. Ever. Buying quality doesn't mean you have to spend a zillion dollars, just try and go with the middle of the road toy, price-wise. The adult toys of today are not the ones grandma played with.

That said, let's find you a sex toy!

  • I like to keep my sex toys versatile, especially when it comes to speed. That way I can adjust the speed and intensity whenever I want.

  • Most vibrators feel great on the clitoris, so anything you pick should be great there. I love the magic bullet for clitoral stimulation the Point by nu sensuelle is the most powerful bullet on the planet.Talk about mind-blowing orgasms! I use it with my partner during sex or alone. He loves it!
  • If you're looking for something to reach the g-spot (up inside the vagina) they make a lot of great vibrators specifically for that particular area. The rechargeable LELO toys are a fan-favorite for g-spot stimulation.

  • And if you want a blended orgasm (I highly recommend) go with something like the Rabbit, which will stimulate both your g-spot AND your c-spot (clitoris) at the same time. They make a ton of different varieties of these. You have your choice of these.
  • If you're looking to be discreet about your sex toy, there's the Lipstick vibe which (supposedly) fools airport security every time. It'll also fool nosy roommates and children, should you want to hide your sex toy in plain sight.
  • Strapons sales are surging! As more and more men are willing to explore their P Spot (think male G Spot) a little roll reversal is so much fun! Ladies bend your man over; get that frustration out!
  • My favorite, though (and yes, I've tried them all) is the We Vibe, which is a vibrator you can wear while having sex with a partner. It feels amazing for both involved and (here's the best part) can be used solo, too. It's like two for the price of one!

Good luck and happy shopping! Let one of our friendly clerks know if you need help finding your next favorite adult toy.

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