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Happy Holidays


Now is the time to surprise your loved one with an intimate gift you both will enjoy. So get creative and put a little spark in your Holiday Cheer!

A little something about us:

Palm Beach Book and Video is Palm Beach County’s premier Adult Toy Store and Entertainment Center. We are the ONLY adult bookstore in the county boasting a large retail area with thousands of adult toys, dvd’s, lingerie, fetish wear, shoes, etc. with a large Adult Theater, 30 peep show booths, and private viewing rooms. We have the largest and best selection of Adult Toys in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Palm Springs, Boynton, Delray and Boca Raton. 

So here’s a not-so-dirty little secret:
Sex is good for you! It may lengthen your life, boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep, according to the most recent medical studies. Sex toys can be an exciting way to spice up your sexual life, whether using them by yourself or with others. There are many misconceptions about sex toys, but the truth is, people of all types use sex toys. Some choose to use them when they are alone, on their sexual partners, or on themselves while partners are present. It’s 2015 people! No more taboos, no more repressions, no more hang-ups! It’s time to take charge of your sexuality and explore your body.

How can I bring sex toys into my relationship?
Sometimes it’s hard to communicate our sexual desires to our partners, especially when wanting to bring something new into a sexual relationship. Some people may feel threatened by the thought of having sex toys added to their sexual life or they have stereotypes about who uses sex toys. Honesty and open communication are the best strategies for talking with sexual partners about sex toys. Your partner needs to understand where you’re coming from, what you’re interested in doing, and how you will respect their boundaries, in order for sex toys to be a healthy, pleasurable part of your relationship. 

What Sex Toy Should I buy?
This is a very personal choice. Our store has thousands of adult toys to choose from. Generally speaking, vibrators are battery-operated or electrically powered devices that buzz or vibrate. They are used mainly for external stimulation, so if you're looking for clitoral titillation — which most women need to climax — a vibrator is your best bet. Some suggested types to try: "egg" or "bullet" styles, which have a speed-control lever and can be used for solo satisfaction or with your partner since they fit between the two of you; "hand-free" models that are held in place by straps that resemble a panty; or simple body massagers that you can use on your clitoris, as well as on sore muscles. (Body massagers are pretty powerful and often recommended to women trying to achieve the big O for the first time.) When choosing a vibrator, you'll want to consider the intensity of the sensation and the noise level (the softer the material, the quieter the toy). Today’s modern vibrators are not the vibrators of old. They have rechargeable batteries and come with multiple vibration settings for speed, intensity, pulsing, heat, etc. 

If you want the feeling of penetration, you'll want to try a dildo, which resembles a penis, usually doesn't vibrate, and can be used vaginally or anally. (If you want to try
back-door play, make sure it has a base specifically designed so it doesn't slide up too far.) When choosing a dildo, you'll want to factor length and width into your decision. And if you're looking for G-spot stimulation, try a phallic-shaped toy with a specially curved top. For the best of both worlds, check out the ever-popular Rabbit, a two-in-one toy: The swirling shaft offers the pleasure of penetration, while the buzzing "rabbit ears" stimulate your clitoris.

Ladies don’t leave your men out of all the fun. We have masturbators of all types, cock rings, and vibrating penis rings you both will enjoy. Also for the adventurous we have a full line of anal toys just for men.  We also have a full array of lubricants that are either water, silicone, or oil based. 

3 Tips for buying a sex toy:
#1 Don’t be shy:
Our professional sales staff are familiar with all the products in the store, so don't be shy — ask or help.  Sex Toys can get expensive, so you should be well-informed before you make any purchase. And if you don't understand the purpose of a certain item, again, feel free to ask.

#2 Act Natural:
If you are nervous and think something is comical, it's OK to show it. The first time that I went to a sex shop, I laughed a whole lot, but I did so discreetly. Don't worry; the
salespeople are used to it. Even if you think you've seen everything, you haven't. Nothing is shameful. Relax and enjoy shopping in our fun and friendly store.

#3 Bring your lover, friend, or come alone:
Whether it's your lover or just a friend  they may help you feel more comfortable in this environment as you'll have someone to communicate with about the different products. If you are more private don’t worry most of our clients come in alone. Our staff is very polite and discreet they will make you feel comfortable and help you with any questions. 

Palm Beach Book and Video is committed to making your shopping and adult entertainment experience a pleasant one; after all your pleasure is our business. Our motto is “one love” for all. We do not judge and are open to all sexual orientations – straight, LGBT, alternative, and everything in between.

So what are you waiting for? Come check us out.

We hope to see you soon! 







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